The Governor of the state of Maryland

If you were the Governor of the state of Maryland or the state where you are from, how would you handle the
spreading of COVID-19?
How would you handle teachers and students possibly returning to for school year 2020-2021? Please keep in
mind the following things. (Parents need to return to work, and pay their bills), (teachers and students safety on
all levels, elementary, middle, high school and college) ( the economy) (how to return Maryland or your state
back to normalcy) ( prisoners in confined spaces, and a need to free dangerous criminal due to COVID-19) (the
safety of nurses and doctors) (people wanting so badly to return to some form of normalcy that they do not
wear masks) (your family, friends, neighbors) (business owners, losing their business, homes while trying to
provide for their employees) ( the military in close confinements and their safety). Please keep in mind that you
are trying to do what is in the best interest of an entire state.

Sample Solution