The Great Gatsby Modernism F. Scott Fitzgerald The American Dream

The Great Gatsby Modernism F. Scott Fitsgerald The American Dream and its place in literature The tragic hero How to identify, relate to, and analyze the thematic lessons and topics within the novel. Literary terms (setting, plot, )

Questions: You must create a minimum of five questions. In each question, you are required to connect at least two of the elements of study from this unit. This means you need to synthesize the ideas and issues in the text.
Think the most about the great gatsby book
For example: You can create a question about Daisy and the American Dream or about characterization and Gatsby.

Answers: For each of the questions you create, you must prepare a response 6-8 sentences in length. In each of the responses, you must include at least one quote from the text.
Questioning Format

Viewpoint Questions:
How would other groups/types of people respond? Why? What would influence them?
What might someone who believed_____think?
Can/did anyone see this another way?
What would someone who disagrees say?
How are _ and _’s ideas alike? Different?

Sample Solution