the Greek riots in 2010.

You are expected to undertake independent research. 6 May 2010: Three people died after riots in Athens over the debt crisis as the Marfin Egnatia bank was set on fire with workers inside. The deaths of three innocent employees shocked Greece, shifting the national mood and the course of this year’s crisis. Instead of rising social unrest as many had feared, Greece has seen only fragmented opposition to the euro zone’s most drastic austerity measures Research and outline how information and communication helped shape the Greek riots in 2010. A number of contributory factors have been proposed to explain the reasons for the Greek riots and their outcome. These include poor relations with the police, social exclusion and alienation and government cuts. Choose one civil agency such as education, government or police and detail how that agency could use information and communication technologies to help address some of the proposed contributory factors of the riots.




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