The harm reduction model

Does the harm reduction model in opiate use disorder promote safety or sobriety or both?
The qualities of compelling clinical questions must include questions that are relevant to nursing practice, and that will generate the knowledge base that is being sought. The Clinical Quality of the questions will allow the project manager, staff, and students to have ample evidence to work with and build a practice change, based on high quality evidence.

By the same token, if it is not a quality clinical question, then the research reviewed and discovered will also not be quality, and will lead the learner away from a high quality EBP.

Your preparation opportunities included the following key components:

Defined the seven steps of Evidence-Based Practice inquiry.
Discussed the qualities of compelling clinical questions. Outline a rapid critical appraisal to evaluate evidence.
Recognized the five components of a PICOT (foreground) question.
Identified the corresponding research design that would best fit each foreground question.
Identified the hierarchy of evidence.
Interpreted the difference between foreground and background information.

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