The heart

Name of the system
Name of the organ
Anatomical location: Use directional terms to describe the location such as superior to, inferior to, anterior, etc.
Anatomical description: Include only the anatomical description; do not include any function or microscopic description.
Types of cells and tissues present in the organ: Just include a microscopic description; do not include anything else.
Functions of the organ: This is to describe the physiology. Do not discuss any anatomical description.
Homeostasis: Discuss how the organ you have chosen responds to maintain homeostasis in the body.
Prediction: Predict the types of problems that would occur in this organ if it could not maintain homeostasis.
Disease: Mention a specific disease that affects the organ, and describe the anatomical and functional changes that occur in that organ.
Relationship to other systems: Discuss how this system relates to the system that you presented in BIO 201. (You may select a different system from the one used in BIO 201, and tell us how the two systems relate.)

Sample Solution