The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Read the article, The High Cost of Doing Nothing by Ken Blanchard article and then please address the following questions related to the article. Your Case Analysis Paper should provide a cohesive narrative fully addressing the questions and recapping the relevant data and findings from the article.

Quantitative Data Summary: Summarize the quantitative data presented in the article by recapping in a cohesive narrative the many numbers and statistics on the impact of both poor and sound leadership on the various elements of a business. There are over 20 data elements provided and you should cover at least half of them, preferably more.

Analysis & Implications of Leadership: Provide your analysis of these statistical data and your summary of the implications of both poor and sound leadership on an organization. Be sure that you cover the impacts of leadership on productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention, as these are major elements of the article.

Key Success Factors & Leadership Practices: Identify and discuss the key success factors and successful leadership practices presented in the article, such as strategic and operational leadership, providing employees with the necessary tools and resources, and eliminating barriers.

Outcomes of Improved Leadership: Discuss the consequences and outcomes of improved leadership (through leadership training) for employees, customers and the financial results of the organization.

Sample Solution