The history of Orientalist European

The topic is about the history of Orientalist European representations of Islam and Muslims which help to demonstrate that there has been a strand of Islamophobia in the European imagination for centuries.

For the presentation, students will
Using PowerPoint you will prepare 9 slides(7 about the material, 2 for the title and reference) covering the material and then record a 10-15 minute presentation. In the presentation, you should: 1) summarize your current event; 2) summarize your academic source; and 3) discuss how your academic source helps us better understand your current event.
Your PowerPoint presentation will be graded according to how well you communicate the above material in a way that is appropriate to the PowerPoint medium. More specifically, the criteria will include the design of the slides (not too much text, correct spelling/grammar, appropriate and effective use of graphics) as well as their overall organization and logical flow.

Sample Solution