The impact of climate change on a country

Choose one country, other than the United States, and analyze the likely impacts of global climate change on that country over the rest of this century. This obviously means that you will first need to describe some basic features of the physical and cultural geography of that country. Then, using what you have learned in this class, and other references as appropriate, analyze what changes you think are likely to occur (for better or worse) in the environmental and societal conditions in that country due to a moderate climate change scenario (CO2doubling by 2100). Some issues that you may want to consider would be sea level rise(if the country has a coast), water supply problems (drought, etc.), agriculture and food supply issues, energy supplies, effects on major industries and the economy, human health impacts, and political/military disputes. Since this deals with the future, much of this will obviously be speculation on your part. However, I do expect your speculations to make sense in light of the current conditions in the country you choose and the consensus scientific predictions regarding climate change we have studied in this class. In other words, don’t just give me wild guesses –be analytical! Also, keep in mind that it’s not necessarily all gloom and doom –that some countries might actually benefit from climate change, at least in some ways.

Sample Solution