The information systems and their applications

  1. Explore the information systems and their applications in your current (or past) healthcare organization.
  2. What are the main systems used?
  3. How is data shared among systems?
  4. What examples of functional, structural, and semantic interoperability can you identify?
  5. Is there a human–technology interface that you have encountered that you think needs improvement? If you were to design a replacement, which analysis techniques would you choose? Why?
  6. Is the workflow surrounding technology usage providing the healthcare organization with the data it needs to make decisions and eventually meet MACRA criteria?
    THINK about and work through the questions above, and then use the textbook and online resources to compose your response to each question individually. Remember to provide citations to acknowledge the sources of the information. Make sure you give rationale (scientific evidence and/or your clinical observation) that supports your conclusion.

Sample Solution