The Lawyer of Glass ;Miguel de Cervantes


  1. What do we know about the origins of the protagonist? What is his name and what does his name suggest?
  2. What about the first bosses? How does his life change?
  3. Thomas meets a captain, and his life changes course again. How? What does the narrative tell us from the outset about the difference between what the captain tells and the reality of life as a soldier?
  4. What happens to Thomas in Italy?
  5. Thomas returns to Salamanca to finish his studies. But what happens there? What is the effect of the spell?
  6. Thomas’s friends try to help him, but in the end they let him “go free”. What happens to Thomas then? How does he speak, what things does he say?
  7. Towards the end of the novel, a religious cures Thomas of his madness. What happens to Thomas now (notice the name change) in court?
  8. What does Thomas say about the Court? Where does he go in the end? (theme of weapons and letters)

Sample Solution