The Most Important Part of Emergency Planning

Our reading, thus far, has discussed multiple aspects of emergency planning, including planning structures and guidelines, identification of planning missions and goals, and so forth. Considering what you’ve learned thus far, identify which component you consider the most important part of the emergency planning process. Be sure to defend your answer using what you have learned thus far.

I have attached the Model Town EOP and Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG 101) both Chapter 4 & Appendix C are apart of the reading and resources this week.

Initial Discussion Posting:

Contribution demonstrates a thorough understanding of the concepts presented by providing opinion, examples, and/or evidence from the readings.

When sourced evidence is provided, attribution is given to the author or creator of the work.

Contribution met the minimum word count and contained no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

Your initial response should have extensive words (at least 250 words). Please use reference in APA format.

Sample Solution