The movie crash

  1. Discuss each character’s relevance in the story.
  2. Why do you think Rick, the District Attorney, wanted to cover up the fact that his car was stolen by two black men? Were his ideas for “handling” the situation appropriate? Why or why not?
  3. Should Tommy (police officer) have done anything differently to stop Officer John Ryan from treating the Thayer’s the way he did when he pulled them over? What should he have done?
  4. Name the different stereotypes you heard in this movie? Are they ones you have heard before? Is
    stereotyping a bad practice? What are the reasons why people use stereotypes? Does everyone stereotype?
  5. Where do you think Officer John Ryan’s feelings about black people came from?
    What do you think pushed Officer John Ryan to risk his own life to save Mrs. Thayer?
  6. What were the benefits to detective Graham Waters taking the DA’s offer to lie in exchange for cleaning up his brother’s police record? What were the consequences of his decision?
  7. Reflect on the statement that television producer Cameron Thayer made to Anthony: “you embarrass me, you embarrass yourself.” What do you think were Thayer’s motives?
  8. Do you believe that citizens should be able to purchase and possess guns? Why or why not? If so, what stipulations do you think there should be on purchasing and possessing a gun?
  9. What could have happened in Jean’s life that made her so angry? What made her realize that her
    housekeeper, Maria, was her best friend? What might have kept her from seeing this and treating her with respect all along?
  10. What do you think made Anthony decide not to sell the refugees to the chop shop owner and release them to freedom.

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