The Movie The Phycho

In the film, we don’t really know very much about Norman Bates which might make him all the more creepy as a character. For this assignment, you will write a back-story for Norman. I would like for you to give as much detail about Norman’s life, creating a deeper character — one with a past, with desires, and with secrets, perhaps. This is up to you to decide. But, I want a clear sense of his past, which should provide some explanation for the way he is in the movie. You should consider the following while wilting:
Organization: Is your story interesting and engaging Does it have a beginning, middle and end Have you included at least 1 conflict (external or internal) Is time used in your story to clearly organize your story’s events
Style: Is every sentence important to your story Are there enough details to describe the setting and the character(s) Do you use realistic dialogue (at least 5 lines) that contributes to the story Do you use transition words to help move the story along
Grammar. Did you proofread your paper Are there any misspellings or punctuation errors Did you use standard English or did you throw in “text” talk (text messaging lingo)




Sample Solution