The movie “Wall Street”

Identify key decisions made by the protagonists and the implications and outcomes of the decisions made. Evaluate the effectiveness of different leadership behaviors in various situations.

How does Gekko provide a mentoring role for Bud?

If Lou Manheim had chosen to play a mentoring role for Bud, what might he have done?

What values and beliefs does Bud hold which affect his behaviors?

Did the hedonistic living that was made possible by serving Gekko seem to satisfy Bud in a profound way?

Is he moved by the simple greed?

Does his desire for money stem from a wish to go beyond the economic and social status of his working-class youth?

Is it possible that Bud will never develop his own moral position?

The film was produced during a time when greed was especially evident on Wall Street. Is it possible for one person to stand up against society’s norm?






















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