The National Drug Threat Assessments by the DEA

Review the National Drug Threat Assessments by the DEA for the years 2016 (summary) and 2017 (assessment). Select a drug and use the reports as the source of the basic information. You are free to do more research to add information to your paper, especially information that relates to your state of residence(OHIO) and information on the selected drug. Use the following categories for information: * Overview of the Drug – Name of Drug and street names of selected drug. Type of drug (Stimulant, Hallucinogen, depressant, and so on). * Availability of Drug * Where does this drug come from? What country has the highest rate of supplying this drug to the United States? * Means of transporting this drug. * In what areas of the US is this drug most available (Top three areas). * How is drug distributed once it is in the United States? * Information on Use – Summarize the use information provided for the years 2009 to 2014 (from 2016 summary) and for the years 2016 and 2017 (2017 assessment). * Form of Drug and Usual Routes of Administration * Federal Schedule of Drugs – Where does this drug fall in the Federal Schedule of Drugs? Explain what types of drugs are included in this Schedule. Conduct research to determine the best strategy for combatting the sales and abuse of the substance you selected. (For example, in your opinion, should our money be used to interdict this drug from entering this country, or from being manufactured and produced in this country? How should state and federal money be spent on prevention and treatment programs for youth to keep them from using your selected drug?) Explain your strategy.




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