The national security risk and threat assessment process

Write a 1500-word (minimum) reaction paper on the concepts. Consider for
inclusion in your discussion:

  • Describe the national security risk and threat assessment process.
  • What national security threats have been attributed to climate change?
  • What recommendations should be followed to protect the US from climate
  • What is the water-food-energy nexus and why is it important?
  • How will rising sea levels impact defense infrastructure?
  • What is an EMP and why is it dangerous?
  • What components of infrastructure can be damaged by an EMP and how can
    they be protected?
  • What threat does Ebola and similar pandemic diseases pose?
  • What pre-infection (mitigation) measures can be employed?
  • What post-infection (response) measures can be employed?
  • Given what you’ve learned about risk assessment, which of these modern
    threats should be given highest priority and why?

Sample Solution