The Odyssey Creative Project

Create a newspaper that the Gods might have read. You will need to include popular sections just like a real newspaper: sports, world news, local news, entertainment, comics, advice column, etc. Make sure that the contents of your newspaper reflect all your knowledge of Greek Mythology and The Odyssey.


Imagine if Odysseus had kept a blog. In these posts, Odysseus vividly describes life in war, life on the boat, and life during his many adventures. Write a blog of AT LEAST 6 entries, using the proper format. Each post should be at least one page in length.

Create a Board Game

Create a board game based on The Odyssey. You are the judge for this assignment; you make the rules. Your game must include a title, a board, game pieces, illustrations, and an instruction booklet to go with it. The game should be playable and relate to the story in more ways than just place-names and characters.

Travel Brochure

Create a cruise travel brochure based on Odysseus’ travels. This brochure should be colorful, creative, and written to entice travelers to spend their money on your cruise. Use lots of descriptive language that will encourage would-be cruisers to take your cruise!

Sample Solution