The Odyssey- The Hero’s Journey

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  2. Next, check out the hero’s journey in pictures and popular culture

Graphic depiction of the Hero’s Journey: 2013-02-28-Heroesjourney.png


What Your 6 Favorite Movies Have in Common [Infographic]:

  1. Finally, read this interesting argument against using it.

An opponent of the Hero’s Journey template:

the Odyssey summary:

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Study the concept of “The Hero’s Journey.” See ALL of the information in this course unit on the Hero’s Journey, and you can also search online or on the library Web site for more information.

Does Odysseus’ journey include a transformation in the “hero’s journey” sense? Explain your answer. Use QUOTES from the book to support your assertion! Remember, the Internet is full of information on The Odyssey and on the character Odysseus, including answers to this question; therefore, you must give your own perspective and you must quote lines from

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