The ones who stay and fight

Compose a 1,000 word (minimum) essay that presents a close reading of one passage or paragraph
from “The ones who stay and fight”. The passage or paragraph must be a minimum of one line and a maximum
of three lines. Specially, your objective is to consider how a particular passage or paragraph changes or
develops in your reading of one work of literature. Your analysis should be argumentative in nature: analytical
style arguments present a focused stance on a topic and aim to persuade the intended audience to agree with
said stance. In literary arguments, this stance will become your thesis statement and your body paragraphs will
provide supporting textual evidence.
This is the link to the story….
Phrase “He has made it himself, and hopes others will think it fine. They do!”
why societies have to approve or reject individuals action, when is it ok to judge others and not? How is this
phrase related to the story?

Sample Solution