The Pearl of Love by H.G. Wells

Explore the changes of a story/theme/character
Compare and contrast one of the readings with a contemporary work of fiction or nonfiction. Any of the books and stories we have looked at can be used. We saw an example with Pygmalion last week. If we were to take Pygmalion into even more contemporary works, we could find the story in the newer play “The Shape of Things.” In that story, Pygmalion/Higgins is a woman, and the “statue’ is a man with poor self image. How do the changes in a story change according to the time, place, etc.?
Another way would be to look at a character through the lens of a hero’s journey.
Some other ideas: How does the historical affect the contemporary? Where does it diverge? How does a story change according to culture or time? Why is the book or work you chose one that has been adapted today?

Sample Solution