The place of women, gender and sexuality in U.S. history

What issues does the event or person represented in the film raise about the place of women, gender and sexuality in U.S. history?
How are these issues represented in the film?
What are key scenes from the film where these issues are most apparent?
How does the film address race, class, and sexuality as well as gender?
How does the film challenge, limit or transform your thinking about the historical events themes, and/or person(s) raised in the film?
When was the movie released, and how does the movie relate to its specific historical context?
Try to assess the intent of the movie: do you think it was successful?
Who directed and/or write the movie, and what’s their social identity (gender, race, etc.)? Do you think this impacts its message?
Does the movie feel empowering? Why or why not?

Sample Solution