The President Obama Speech

In his speech, President Obama does not use the word “relativism”, yet he challenges this ethical theory in his argument that girls and women should be treated equally to men. Explain how his speech challenges relativism. Try to be specific in things he says in his speech. (Interestingly, Obama also appeals to Utilitarian theory, especially at the end of his speech. He claims educating girls will lead to a good consequence—girls who grow up to be mothers who can then educate their children. You can also discuss how Obama appeals to Utilitarianism to provide justification that women and girls should be equal to men.)


• Your answer should be a minimum of 300, and not more than 500 words. Include a word count at the end of your initial post.
• Draw from our text and reading, using quotes and showing your knowledge of the readings. GIVE page numbers from the text or cite your notes. If you use any additional sources (which is not required), you should give a full citation.
• At the end of your paper, you will separately pose a question from the same video for another student. This question should invite discussion, not simply a “yes/no” response.

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