The process design or the supply network design

Write a report that critically evaluates the process design or the supply network design of an organisation with which you are familiar, and propose recommendations for further improvement.

In the report, you are required to:
• Describe the organisation so that the reader can clearly understand what the organisation does and the organisational context.
• Describe the process flow (or the supply network flow) of the organisation and define the key performance objectives and their relative importance for the business. If it is a large organisation, you may focus on only a part of the operation/network or one product line.
• Use some of the concepts from process design (or supply network design) topic to critically analyse the current operations design and propose recommendations, which would contribute to improving one or more operations performance objectives that you identify as most important for the business.
• Discuss briefly, how emerging digital technologies, such as the examples provided in the article, could assist in further improving the operations performance of the business.




Sample Solution