The Progressive Era

Pick one of the questions below to answer:

  1. What impact did the social reformers of the late nineteenth century have on American life?
  2. How did the progressive movement differ between the urban centers of the northern states and the more rural South? What accounts for these differences?
  3. What impulses animated American progressives?
  4. Why are Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, and Woodrow Wilson considered the three Progressive Presidents?
  5. Was racism a target and/or impulse related to the Progressive Era? What examples support your position? analyze the main ideas presented in the readings and videos, and cite specific supporting details from the reading (I mean that you need to bring in specific examples). Answers should be original (can’t be something you copied ), detailed, and include specific examples to back up your points and/or quotations from the primary source readings (which must be accompanied by your analysis of that quotation).

Sample Solution