The purpose of art is to imitate nature.

Roger de Piles and the Imitation of Nature. In 1708, the French art critic Roger de Piles wrote: “The essence of painting is the imitation of visible objects through form and color. From that observation one must conclude that painting imitates strongly and faithfully Nature; the better job it [painting] does towards this end, which is to seduce the eye, the more it reveals its true purpose.” Select one artwork, which, in your opinion, illustrates this statement. o Include information about the artist or creator. o Mention/discuss materials and techniques used, title, date, dimension o Engage visual information provided by the work of art in the analysis. o What does the artwork depict? Does the work tell a story? If so, what is it? o Point out the historical context and inherent aesthetic qualities of the work. o Use some of the broader art historical themes and their underlying concepts introduced in class. o Write in clear and grammatically correct English. Full sentences only.

Sample Solution