The purpose of Reflection in Action is to reflect upon what one has learned or how one has performed as compared with one’s expectations or goals. This assignment is for students to share the experience, thoughts and learning moments from this course. A reflection is a continuous flow of ideas.

  1. Provide at least two (2) page single-spaced with 1 inch margins and Times Roman font of 12 pts.
  2. Submissions not meeting the minimum page requirements will be awarded a grade of 0. Please ensure the minimum page requirement is met.
  3. Reflection must address at least three (3) of the following topics:
    o Learning moments or activates from this course
    o Thoughts on evidence-based practice
    o Evidence supporting Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring
    o Ethics in research
    o Protecting subjects in quality improvement or evidence-based practice projects
    o Understanding or comfort level with statistics in nursing and other research reports.
    o Opinions or thoughts on MSN graduates’ role in nursing research
    o Creating and sustaining an Evidence-Based nursing environment
    o Asking compelling, clinical questions
    o Hints and lessons learned on searching the literature
    o Barriers and facilitators to implementing evidence into practice

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