The ‘questions of willingness’

First, complete the ‘questions of willingness’ activity on pages 193 – 207 in your book. Write in stream of consciousness style answering the questions at the end of the reading. Second, Complete the ‘Moving Forward’ reflection as described here: Write a reflection on what resonated, or impacted you in some way during the quarter. It is not a review of the class as much as a reflection of the topics, days or activities that had the most impact for you, and what you can do to incorporate them in your life. This is one of the most important reflections of the quarter. You may want to look back over your joumals to remind yourself of some of the topics we covered. For some of you it will be a specific day, like the gorilla video, the eulogy exercise. the tad day”good day’ exercise, or the health and fitness unit. For some of you it may be less specific like just the process of the writing itself, the em-wave. the concepts of emotional attention, or just a general idea. It may be a lot of little things or one more major thing. As I said earlier, looking over your joumals may help direct your writing. If nothing felt very impact, reflect on why, create your own activity that carries some meaning for you, and write on that.

Sample Solution