The Rambles of Kitty

Watch/listen to the following three youtube videos (labeled a, b, and c) featuring neo- and post-traditional Irish bands, and then answer the questions for them. You should probably copy and paste the questions into your submission, and then answer them directly there. Some ideas about what to say about “texture,” in addition to words such as “heterophony,” “homophony,” etc.:

Variations in textures and styles (see Bakan 3rd edition p. 187)
Unison ornamented melody
Heterophonic playingMelody (monophony) with drone accompaniment
Melody (monophonic or heterophonic) with chordal accompaniment
Outside influences on instrumentation and/or rhythmic accompaniment

Example (a): Planxty
Link to it:

The Rambles of Kitty – Planxty (Links to an external site.)
The Rambles of Kitty – Planxty

Questions for Example (a):

What’s the dance type (jig [“buffalo buffalo”], reel, [“logarithm logarithm”])?
For each iteration of t

Sample Solution