The recommended treatment of Strep pharyngitis

Can you share the recommended treatment of Strep pharyngitis from Chapter 24? What if a patient is allergic?
DISCUSSION Over the years, the role of the nurse practitioner (NP) in the medical field has gained massive significance. As a result, different states came up with policies meant to regulate the profession as a way of promoting the quality of healthcare delivery in the regions. More importantly, the responsibility of a nurse practitioner regarding prescription of drugs is of great interest to most state policymakers. Thus, this paper examines the NP practice in the State of Florida with a focus on laws, education requirements, and the importance of the regulations.
NPs in Florida practice under the guidance of a licensed physician in line with written authority from the Florida Board of Nursing with an outline of the description of the duties and responsibilities of the NP. Additionally, it shows the extent to which the physician would supervise the NP and what entails the scope of practice (Scope of Practice Policy, n. d.). Accordingly, a written protocol between the physician and NP is necessary for him or her to begin working. Filing the document with the Florida Board of Nursing enhances its authenticity and legality. Moreover, the state laws give NPs authority to prescribe any medication and Schedules II-V controlled substances so long as the physician approves as stipulated in the protocol documentation. The NP is also, legally, the primary caregiver in Florida hence authority to handle patients not referred to him or her by other medical practitioners.
The educational requirements for an NP in Florida include Bachelors and Masters degrees after which one gets licensed upon satisfying the relevant authority. Regarding continuing education, the State of Florida mandates that NPs cannot pursue further education within the first two years of licensure. Then, they have to complete twenty-four hours of required continuing education annually for two years of license renewal (Graduate Nursing Edu, n. d.). Two of these hours must be in the prevention of medical errors whereas one must undergo a two-hour training on domestic violence each third renewal.

It is critical to understand state-specific laws on NP prescriptive authority primarily because it helps prevent errors. Laws regulate the system. Additionally, it gives one power to hold the NP liable if he or she breaks the rules. That is because the responsibility of which drugs a patient takes, and procedure of administration falls on the NP (Woo & Robinson, 2017). More importantly, it brings sanity into the profession.
To this end, the State of Florida has regulations on the NPs, especially regarding their practice. It mandates operation under a physician’s supervision in the prescription of a majority of the drugs. It also recognizes NPs as primary caregivers. Thus, the laws are vital in promoting public health.



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