The regulatory and ethical practices needed to ensure the regrily of the use of an information system in a health care setting.

You are working in a health care setting that m adopting an electronic health record system to replace paper medical records. The nurse manager has asked a group of the nurses to train al staff on the regulatory issues that affect patient privacy and confidentiality related to the new system. You have used computers to complete medical records at another faddy. so you are going to be conducting this training and preparing a summary paper on Me topic for your colleagues.
INnte a 2-page paper on Me following: • Identify 1 regulation that affects the use of health care .,formation. • Write a paper discussing as of the following: o The history of regulation (why or how it came into being) • The effect of the regulation on the behaviors and actions of nurses o The effect of the regulation on Me delivery of health care • Include at least 2 references, in addition to the textbook



























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