The relation between present day Japan and Russia

How to Write a Short Paper: On the upper left margin of the first page, write the name of the course, semester, professor’s name, and then write your name. For the “title” of the short paper, write the topic of your paper. In your short paper, first summarize the topic you are writing about. Why is it important? Why did you select it? This strengthens your critical intellectual skill of concisely but clearly summarizing a large body of information. Next, explain the main themes of the topic. Third, use a paragraph or two commenting on the points you found especially interesting about the topic, if there were points that confused or disappointed you then raise those points. Don’t simply say you liked it or did not like the topic because that does not convey information useful to the reader. Tell specifically why you liked it, found it useful, or would not recommend it. To conclude, give your final and overall evaluation of the topic in a sentence or two.

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