Essay topics

Select one topic from the list below. Write an 800 word (+/- 10%), fully referenced, essay on the topic. In your reading you are expected to go beyond the text. You may find it useful to refer to the “further readings” and “reference” sections at the end of the textbook chapters. Clearly indicate which question you are answering by writing it out without amendment at the top of the essay. You are required to use Harvard referencing style, not footnotes and include a Reference List.
Submit essays as Word documents through Turnitin.
Include your name; student and assignment number in the document name and in the document itself.

The Reference List is NOT included in the word count but in-text references are included in the word count.

Select ONE topic and write a fully referenced essay.

  1. Discuss the relationship between propaganda and persuasion as PR techniques. How similar or different are they and what are their differences and/or similarities? Provide examples where each technique has been used and discuss the results.
  2. Explain research and evaluation in a public relations context, the methods used to gather data for these purposes, and why research and evaluation are important to the PR planning process.
  3. Discuss the implications of the PRIA Code of Ethics, the laws of copyright, defamation and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Act on the activities of a public relations practitioner.
  4. Discuss public relations planning and why it is important for PR practitioners to think strategically. Refer to examples of PR campaigns to support your discussion.
  5. Discuss the role of social media in public relations. Address the relationship between social media tactics and other, traditional PR tactics in an overall public relations strategy. Do social media tactics work in isolation (without other PR tactics)? Why? Why not?

Your assignment must:

  1. Use Harvard style referencing and include a reference list to your work (not counted in the word count) which provides evidence of your research
  2. Include at least two other academic sources (such as a journal article) beyond just the text book. Don’t rely exclusively on references accessible online.
  3. Provide examples of genuine events or organisations if required.
  4. Be no more than 10 per cent over or under the word limit, including in-text references (your Reference List is not included in the word limit).

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