The relationship between valence and energy

Use Tableau to visualize the data



Create a scatterplot showing the relationship between valence and energy, where each point in the scatterplot represents one song. Change the Shape of the Marks to a solid circle, and decrease the Size of the Marks to make the individual points in the plot visible.

It is possible that the relationship between valence and energy might differ by genre; the overall relationship in the scatterplot might not be true for each individual genre. Create a single scatterplot of valence and energy that includes only songs from the genres Ska and R&B, with a different color for each genre. (Use Genre as both a Filter and Color.) How does the relationship between valence and energy differ between these two genres?

Create a dashboard that includes 4 charts, where each chart includes Genre and one measure. (Use all genres in each chart; do not filter by genre.) Choose measures and chart types that reveal differences across genres that you believe are noteworthy. Based on your visualizations, identify at least 3 genres that appear to be unique.

Sample Solution