The Rise of Crowdsourcing

“The Rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe: 
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  1. “How Crowdsourcing Aided a Push to Preserve the Histories of Nazi Victims”, by Andrew Curry, June 3,
    2020, New York Times,
  2. “The Blurring Line Between Amateur and Professional”, The Atlantic, 2010
    Essay #1 – February 28, 2021 – Post Your First Essay on the Class Blog –
    Topic (1000 Words): Cover the social implications of communications technology.
    What is social media doing to our society? Use examples from the weekly readings on political campaigns,
    social media, Blogging, etc…
    Does it help us or hurt us?
    Why are we addicted to these technologies? Is this good or bad? How would you remedy this situation?

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