the role of digital channels in marketing communications, 2000 words , marketing 7day


Discuss the role of digital channels in marketing communications from the brand’s perspective. (30%). Support your argument by providing examples related to the the brand from the seminar groupwork. (20%)

Attention:the brand is Amazon must write this brand

Assessment General Guidelines
a) Assignments must be presented in the following format:
A front page with:
Your name and surname; Student number; Degree programme; Word count

The work must include accurately and properly cited references, using Harvard referencing system

b) Word count for Part B Individual Assignment is 2000 words.

What words are included or not in the word count?

NOT INCLUDED: Front page; Tables; Figures (within the essay); Reference list at the end; Appendices
INCLUDED: Main text body. Please note that the references cited within the essay are included (e.g. Javornik, 2016), as they are part of the main text body.

c) Formatting requirements

A4; 12 font size; single or 1.5 spacing; 2.5cm margins
Allowed font types: Arial / Times New Roman / Calibri / Helvetica

d) Submission

Assignments need to be submitted via Blackboard. No hard copy submission.

e) Extensions

No assignments will be accepted late unless an extension has been granted. See student progress for further information

Late submission – See our University regulations. In brief any assignment handed in after the deadline will receive a maximum of 40% of the assignment’s maximum grade and after 7 days 0%. (Unless an extension form has been completed and granted – See PEC procedures)

Computing problems, print queue delays, queues at hand in etc. are NOT acceptable grounds for late submission.

f) Marks and feedback

Assignment Feedback will (normally) be returned within the 20 working days turnaround period. Feedback on individual assignments will also be available via Blackboard.

g) Reassessment

Students who fail the full Module Assessment (Semester 1+2) will be required to resubmit another assessment during the August resit period.

Best of luck with preparing your assignments!

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