The root causes of the conflict

• What corrective actions could you recommend be implemented to address the root causes of the conflict that you previously determined?
• What types of quantifiable metrics can you propose to measure progress in implementing the recommended corrective actions?
• What are three potential areas of resistance to your recommended corrective actions, and what ameliorative suggestions can you offer to reduce such resistance?
• How effective are the various leadership styles on employee engagement and employee empowerment in the case study?
• How has your experience with the team-building process from Tuckman’s theory of group formation dynamics informed your Improve recommendations? Further, what are your thoughts on the value of implementing Tuckman’s five areas of group formation dynamics in preventing some of the issues with the dysfunctional team in the case study?
• What are some effective leadership styles and team-building processes that organizational leadership could use to promote increased employee engagement and foster collaboration?

Sample Solution