The similarities and differences between M.O. and signature

  • Explain the similarities and differences between M.O. and signature. Based on your examination do you believe this is the work of the same person?
  • Victimology – explain the risk factor of each.
  • Are there commonalities?
  • Why are these victims being chosen?
  • Using Google Maps or other mapping software chart the different mapping characteristics (miles/site relationships etc.).
  • Use google maps to get street views etc. to assist in reconstruction of the crime.
  • What type of killer(s) is responsible?
  • Go through the organized/controlled vs disorganized uncontrolled killer/scene list.
  • Are the scenes more controlled or uncontrolled.
  • Is there commonality in the scenes using this dichotomy?
  • What does the evidence tell you? Reconstruct the crimes. Talk about the evidence that informed your decision.
  • Any hints based on common sense deduction? Knowledge of area etc. Thinking of normal things sometimes involve thinking outside of the box!

Sample Solution