The stratification system in the US and in Japan

  1. Your text book discuss some differences and similarities between the stratification system in the US and in Japan. Describe one or two differences between the social stratification systems in the two countries. Which system do you prefer (as far as the difference you described is concerned)? Why? To answer this question, first briefly describe the difference(s), then state which one you prefer. Finally, explain your preference by using 1-2 theories or concepts you have teamed in this course: first present the theories/concepts, and then use them to explain your preference. 2. This is the last HW assignment for the course. At the beginning of the semester, we asked the question: Why do some people make more money? Why do some people make much less? Why do some people make no money and live in poverty and depend on social welfare? Try to answer this question with the knowledge you have learned from this course. Be specific. (To answer this question, first, present some concept and/or theory you have teamed from this course; then, use the concept or theory to explain why some people make so much money, some people do not make enough to make ends meet.)

Sample Solution