The structure of skeletal and smooth muscle

The goal of this exercise is to determine your understanding of the structure of skeletal and smooth muscle. In your own words, answer the questions asked.
Descrbe step by step the structure of a typical skeletal muscle beginning with triceps muscle. Include in your answer each of the components making up the structure. Example: Myofilament actin: g-actin composes f-actin; troponin has three components and what is the function of each; tropomyosin structure and function. Do the same for myosin. Include in your answer how actin and myosin are arranged in the I band and A band to form a sarcomere so they can slide over each other in a contraction. What role does titin play in muscle contraction? How do the sarcomeres form a myofibril which in turn form fasiculus which in turn form a muscle. What are the bands, lines, and zones in a sarcomere.

Sample Solution