The structured drug information approach

Respond to the following scenario using the structured drug information approach.  Be sure to do the background research so that you understand the true information need.  The maximum length of the response is 500 words.


ML is a 57-year-old patient presenting for a 2 month follow up visit with with Dr.West. ML has a past medical history significant for obesity (BMI = 35), diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia He had a heart attack 2 months ago.ML’s father passed away after having a heart attack when he was 49 years old. ML does not smoke and has implemented life style modifications along with medications to improve his health due to his very high risk for another cardiovascular (CV) event such as a heart attack or stroke.  His labs at his last visit 2 months ago were within expected range except for his LDL of 185mg/dl (goal < 70 mg/dl). High intensity atorvastation 80 mg once daily was started 2 months ago to lower his LDL and reduce his CV risk. Current medications include: metformin 850 mg twice daily, lisinopril 40 mg once daily, aspirin 81 mg once daily, carvedilol 6.25 mg twice daily, and atorvastatin 80 mg once daily. ML states he takes his medications as directed and rarely misses any doses. His BMI at today’s visit is 32 after modifying his diet and exercising more frequently. The patient had labs drawn 1 week before this visit (basic metabolic panel, complete blood count, lipid panel). The lipid panel was the only lab outside of normal limits with an LDL-C of 140 mg/dl. Although his LDL has improved with atorvastatin therapy, Dr. West is still concerned the patient’s LDL has not reached a goal of < 70 mg/dl.  She calls you to ask if there is any evidence that adding non-statin therapy (i.e., niacin, ezetimibe, fenofibrate or evolocumab) to atorvastatin would be beneficial for this patient to reduce his risk of having another CV event (secondary prevention). Based on the evidence you find she would like to know what you recommend as next steps for this patient.  It is okay to leave a message on her voicemail.


  1. For this scenario, since the non-statin therapy has 4 different drugs provided, make sure you pick specific one, and state in the essay why you rule out other 3 drugs and why do you think the one you pick is the best one for the patient
  2. Also, include the drug’s efficacy, route of Administration, cost that are benefit this patient.
  3. Follow the example format and use AMA style for reference.





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