The struggles of Native Americans

The struggles of Native Americans throughout our history. This chapter provides an overview of the historical disadvantage this population has experienced. Despite social movements and national attention to increasing
the self-determination of Indigenous people, Native Americans are still greatly affected by historically discriminatory laws. 1. Read Chapter 11, pages 174-189. 2. Watch the following documentary –
History of the Native Americans 3. Answer the following questions. Indicate the number of the question than the number of the answer – for example, 4a. and then whatever
you believe the answer is – 1, 2, 3 or 4, and complete the fill in the blanks. 4a. Native Americans have the highest arrest records in which of the following areas? 1. Homicide 2. Aggravated Assault 3.
Alcohol-related offenses 4. None of the above 4b. Criminogenic conditions for young Native Americans include which of the following?: 1. Alcoholism and substance abuse 2. Poverty 3. Lack of educational opportunities
4. All of the above 4c. Native American women have the highest sexual victimization rates of any group. 1. True 2. False 4d. Our textbook says starts out as a relationship of domination between an
Indigenous majority and a minority of foreign invaders who are convinced of their own superiority and of the ordained mandate to rule. What is the word that fits best in the blank? 4e. Our textbook says the relocated
Native Americans onto small lots of unproductive land and their children were stolen and put into boarding schools. What is the term that best fits in the blank? 5. Write a reflection/reaction paragraph
(paragraph needs to be at least 5 sentences) about the YouTube documentary – A History of the Native Americans. Answer questions: 1. When you think of Native Americans, what stereotypical thoughts come to your
mind and why? Also, what do you think about people pretending to be Native American when they are not???? 2. Briefly describe the impacts of colonialism on Native Americans. 3. Discuss the ways, Native
Americans have been victims of crime as both individuals and nations, please provide examples.




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