The Tain post interpretation

  1. Why do you think the text starts the way it does – a conversation between a king and queen in bed – a war
    over a bull?
  2. Describe the symbolic importance of the men of Ulster experiencing birthing pains which keeps them from
    helping Cuchulainn in the battle with Ulster.
  3. Come with a symbolic reason why the text would focus on one man, Cuchulainn, fighting this fight all alone?
    Could it symbolize something else that readers could relate to in their lives?
  4. Describe the role of Queen Medb within the text; does she serve to teach Cuchulainn anything?
  5. Explain the importance when The Morrigan visits Cuchulainn in the text? Why does she appear first as a
    maiden, then in 3 animals forms, and then as an old woman? What does this scene show us about the growth
    of Cuchulainn?
  6. Does Cuchulainn grow/change within the text?
  7. What is the meaning of the end of the text with its focus on two bulls?
  8. What is the overall meaning of the book?
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