The Technical/Engineering Superintendent and New building, Sale and Purchase, Dry-docking Maintenance, Repair, Conversion and Scrapping.

What is the role of a Classification Society in the new building of a vessel?

Detail all the work that the Class would be involved in during this process right from the inception of the project to delivery of the vessel to the owner by the shipyard.

What are the IMO regulation fox SOx emissions in Sulphur Emission Control Areas?

Write a circular to the ship about the fuel changeover procedure for the main engine from high sulphur heavy oil to low sulphur gas oil while entering into such areas.

What kind of cylinder oil would be recommended for a main engine burning low sulphur fuel (gas oil) and why?

What are the consideration in choosing a dry dock for a vessel?

Outline a typical list of items for dry docking.

Explain how the work would be distributed between the shipyard, crew and coordinate the attendance of the Class surveyor.



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