The Tethered Generation

Briefly answer in 1-2 sentences the 16 Questions for Rhetorical Analysis for the article “The Tethered
Generation”. See instructions in the files
The kairotic moment and writer’s motivating occasion

  1. What motivated the writer to produce this piece?
  2. What social, cultural, political, legal, or economic conversations does this argument join?
  3. Is the writer responding to a bill pending in Congress, a speech by a political leader, or a local event that provoked controversy?
  4. Is the writer addressing cultural trends such as the impact of science or technology on values?
    Rhetorical context: Genre
  5. What is the argument’s original genre?
  6. What is the original medium of publication? How does the genre and the argument’s place of publication influence its content, structure, and style?
  7. How popular or scholarly, informal or formal is this genre?
  8. Does the genre allow for in-depth or only sketchy coverage of an issue?
    Pathos of the argument
  9. How effective is the writer in using audience-based reasons?
  10. How does the writer use concrete language, word choice, narrative, examples, and analogies to tap readers’ emotions, values, and imaginations?
  11. What examples, connotative language, and uses of narrative or analogy stand out for you in this argument?
  12. Does this argument rely heavily on appeals to pathos? Or is it more brainy and logical?
    Design and visual elements
  13. How do design elements— layout, font sizes and styles, and use of color—influence the effect of the argument?
  14. How do graphics and images contribute to the persuasiveness of the argument?
  15. Do design features contribute to the logical or the emotional/imaginative appeals of the argument?
  16. How would this argument benefit from visuals and graphics or some different document design?

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