The traditions of epic poetry.

For both Homer and Virgil, discuss how each author applies the traditions of epic poetry. What is the same and
what is different? {1 paragraph, or 4+ sentences} Use and cite examples from the texts.
For your second paragraph {again, 4+ sentences}, why do you think the changes happened or similarities
kept? While Virgil probably knew Homer, they are separated by centuries, geography, and culture, which
means things will be changing in terms of things like themes, cultural values and rituals, and poetic style.
Bearing in mind that we are looking at translations, things like imagery, metaphor, etc., are factors to consider,
both in their presence but also in their use or meaning/impact on understanding. These factors can help you
explain why one epic might focus more on character, or another have a more personal theme, etc. Be sure to
explain your reasons and use examples (cite these).

Sample Solution