The Truth about Left Brain

1,After reading the article “The Truth about Left Brain….etc.”, what generalizations can you make about the notion that we might be “left-brained” or “right-brained?”

2, What ideas that come up in this article are surprising or interesting to you, given your previous information on the subject?

3, Briefly describe the distinctions in the three regions of the brain (reptile, mammal, and new brain) that Robert Bly is making in his article entitled “The Three Brains.”

4, Think of examples in recent history or contemporary current events that might illustrate how each region of the brain seems to be dominant. For example, re-read the middle paragraph of the article on p. 71 in which Bly discusses how the younger generation (of that time) were trying to change the flow of energy to a different region of the brain. In other words, he’s extending the concept of the three brains to apply to society, and not just individuals. Try doing that in a more modern context.

5, What questions do you have about any of the ideas brought up by Bly?

6, In my notes for this week, I urged everyone to take a Half Speed Walk. I hope you’ve all tried it. If you did do it, how did that go for you? Tell where, when, how, etc. and then what insights you came away from it with.

Sample Solution