The Unequal City

Answer the questions below. Answers should be two to three pages long Submit in Word or PDF format only. Do not submit in Pages format.


Cities are spaces of great opportunities and inequality. People living in marginalized areas of the city face great hardships and few opportunities for a better life. This essay asks you to address several important factors that have been responsible for inequalities in our cities.


  1. Cities in the United States are uniquely unequal and segregated along racial lines. What have been the factors responsible for the formation of highly segregated African American communities? How have conditions in segregated communities made life worse for residents?


  1. Describe the process of forming an immigrant community. What are the advantages of immigrant communities for residents? Why is it that some immigrant groups have had difficulty escaping poverty?


  1. Why do elected officials in neoliberal cities encourage gentrification? How does gentrification place pressure on low-income, minority residents?




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