The unfair treatment of workers in Mcdonal’s

Think of an HR problem within an organization you are currently part of or use to be part of, and use one of the HR concepts/theories covered in class to analyze the problem. You must effectively demonstrate your understanding of the key concept/theory chosen and approaches in human resource management. Going beyond the textbook is highly anticipated. Format: 1. Identify and discuss an HR problem within your chosen organization, its impact on the organization, employees and business operations — you must provide the name and short overview (3-4 sentences) of the organization. 2. An overview of the HR concept. You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the chosen concept/theory (apply recent developments where applicable) *Steps 1 and 2 can be in reverse order if you choose. 3. Assuming you are now an HR Specialist, outline 3 possible strategies you can implement to solve the problem identified.







Sample Solution