The use of presentation software.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Demonstrate use of presentation software.
  • Demonstrate library and literature search skills.
  • Discuss nursing theory as it relates to practice.
  • Articulate the four phenomena of the metaparadigm in nursing theory.
  • Articulate one nursing theorist’s ideas in a presentation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to articulate ideas.

***Directions: ***** Please follow every exact direction.

  • Design a professional presentation to the class based on your paper (Paper is going to be upload on files – it is titled “Virginia Henderson”, use that paper & the sources on those papers only!)
  • The presentation will be a visual representation of the nursing theory written about in your paper and how the four phenomena of the metaparadigm of nursing are viewed by the theorist.
    -*** Be sure to add speaker notes! and write the speaker notes as if you were presenting to an audience of other nurses!

Must included the following below:

Required Slide Titles: 6-8 total slides

  1. Background
  2. Nursing Theory and Practice
  3. Metaparadigm of Nursing
  4. Summary
  5. References (in APA format)

Sample Solution