The Viewing and Obscuring of the Parthenon Frieze Author(s): Robin Osborne

The purpose of the article review essay is to critically analyze an article written on a topic represented in the course.

Please choose an article.(I put in the other file) Read the article with care, and complete the following form. Use this form[at], complete with numbered headings. You do not need to include a copy of the article.

Your name and the date
1. Author(s):
2. Bibliographic info (title, source, date, page numbers):
3. The subject of the article (brief synopsis):
4. The thesis of the article (focus or controlling idea):
5. How does the author support the thesis (examples, description, opinion, anecdotes, or other means), and how do these examples, etc. specifically support the thesis? Give some examples.
6. What is the purpose of the article (to persuade, argue, describe, explain, entertain)?
7. Are the issues raised in the reading addressed adequately, passed over, or even ignored?
8. Can you detect any biases in the author’s presentation of the material in the article? These could be lurking under the surface, unconscious to the writer, and stem from the author’s background, including education, social class, etc. – all of which might contribute to how the material in the article has been framed or presented.
9. What are your biases or preconceptions about the subject of this reading? Do these in any way modify how you respond to the article?


































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